About Me

My name is Leslie Blount, and I am a 35 year-old native New Yorker constantly fascinated by the world… and the role human nature plays in how we view it. Like most people in New York, I have an opinion about everything, but I also welcome those of others because it’s an opportunity to gain perspective and appreciate all points of view as I strive to broaden my horizons and hopefully enlighten others as I go!

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Okay so I started typing this as a simple “Thank You” but I am not a simple person so now this is me typing as if I were having a conversation with you. I hope you enjoy it!!! lol 🙂

    I did not know how else to contact you so I decided to do it on here. I want to thank you so much for that book, Mom & Me & Mom. It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! I would have finished it in one day if I were not at work. I also wanted to prolong reading it. It was going by WAY TOO FAST.

    When I first saw it I was super happy, but then I saw that it was signed and then I yelled “I CAN’T READ THIS, IT’S VALUABLE!!!!!!!!!!” Auntie Titi Mars (That’s what I call her in my head, she doesn’t know that though) looked at me like I was crazy!!! I’m so clumsy, I didnt want to mess up this valuable book. She was still looking at me like I was crazy so I finally said “Okay I’ll read it…”

    Anywho, back to the book. It was great! Although my relationship with my mother was not the best when I was growing up, it could not have turned out any better. I appreciate my adult relationship with my mother. I do not have much, but I am so happy and a part of my happiness comes from my relationship with my mother.

    All in all, Thank you so much for the book, for getting it signed By Maya Angelo) (SAY WHATTTTTT!!!!), for reading my personal statement (although I did not know it until I read your message in the card that came with the book…thank you), but most of all I want to thank you for continuously thinking of me in such high regards. It does something to my heart and inner soul child.


    Qualiyah “Quali-Bird” Arrington

    1. Hey Quali-Bird!

      This just made my morning!!

      I’m so happy you liked it… would have loved to have seen that reaction!

      Your “Titi Mars” is one of my best “sista-friends”, and an excellent judge of character. That she’s taken you under her wing is an indication of how remarkable you are. Didn’t take long to see why.

      Most jewels of precious value emerge from circumstances under great pressure: diamonds… pearls… Oprah and Maya (Ha!). We wouldn’t be who we are if life was easy.

      Rise on, Phoenix…


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